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Where is Google for Kids?

June 10, 2010

Let’s face it, Google’s real business rival is Apple — Apple’s app store, Apple’s iAd (why do I have to pay for the ad bandwidth, by the way?), Apple’s controlled computing enviroment. It is interesting to look at one area that Apple has leveraged for decades and wonder why Google isn’t going there.

Where’s Google for Kids?

Seriously, it is a big missed opportunity for Google.

News, Bing, and Google — Why Rupert Might Be Right.

November 24, 2009

He might be right because he may not need the whole internet to see his news in order to make an online profit.

Gmail Search; Readers’ Respond and a Proposal

August 28, 2009

Well. That was an interesting response.

Links: Gmail; Why Can’t Gmail Search?; Hacker News Comments; Stemming; Google Gears

My post on the failings of Gmail search proved quite popular, and garnered a number of interesting responses. Aside from the various name-calling (first time I was ever called an asshat, so circle the day on my calendar!), and the one guy who accused me of being a shill for Yahoo, most of responses here at my blog and on the posting at Hacker News fell into three main areas.

Why Can’t Gmail Search?

August 24, 2009

Hey! There is a followup post here!

Google, the King of Search.

Gmail, the darling of geeks everywhere for mail.

Links: Gmail; Yahoo; Cyrus-IMAP; Squirrel Mail

I am my family’s IT Director for our house (in her day job my wife has been an IT Director, so it is occasionally an ironic situation). Long ago, I used a Cyrus-IMAP server in my server closet to provide email for both of us; it worked really well. I still have pages of notes on how to compile and set it up under Debian; it was a bear, but once set up it worked for years without a problem. Via SSH, we could both get to our mail from work; you could even throw a tunnel to Squirrel Mail for web-mail access. Life was good.

Then came the seductive invite to Gmail; I forget how I got it, but that early invite made my geek palms sweat. Soon I was reveling in threaded conversations, archiving with abandon. That was a while ago; at this point I have been using Gmail/Google Calendar for a long time, having ditched the in-house IMAP server after moving my wife’s email to Gmail. My iPhone is fairly happy with Gmail as well.

But there’s this little problem, why may drive me away from Gmail entirely:

Gmail’s search functionality sucks rocks.


Will Someone Bring ‘Quaint’ Back?

August 2, 2009

Jeff Jarvis is a smart guy, who has a lot of interesting things to say.

He is a big proponent of Google, obviously, and saw the future for the newspaper industry very early. So I generally keep an eye on what he writes.

He has a column up regarding the Yahoo-Microsoft search lovefest.

The column is a fairly straightforward discussion of the futileness of Yahoo and Microsoft trying to catch Google on search, since Google has mostly won search anyway. Which is reasonable.

In the column, however, he talks about something which I thought most people had forgotten about: