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The Epic Fail of Music Syncing under Linux

January 18, 2011

Ouch. Ask a silly question, get a ridiculous answer.

I have, as has been noted before, a Motorola Droid X. Mostly, I use Grooveshark, Slacker, and Pandora for my music needs, but I do have 5000+ songs on a server at home. On my desktop (wherever I might be) I access those songs via Ampache, streaming as I need them.

To sync some songs with my Droid, I turned to the wonderful Media Monkey, under Windows. The Monkey is a truly awesome piece of software; the kids and I have used it forever to sync music into various MP3 players. Always works. Edits tags with ease. Displays none of iTunes despicable bloat. Doesn’t crash. Handles a network music collection with aplomb. My oldest daughter goes to sleep to a playlist in Media Monkey!

I’ve used MM for so long, on so many different little players, of course it was where I turned first for my Droid.

Trivial. Plug in with Mass Storage mode, configure the directories for Music and Playlists, boom, works.

I promptly forgot about it. I don’t sync that often. Local content is music of last resort for me.

Until this weekend, when I was recovering from my Number One Daughter’s ten-girl sleepover. Traumatic events prompt the strangest questions.

In this case I asked, “Surely I can sync my playlists and music from Linux, right?”

Please Give a Beep! How to Make Streaming Audio Apps Better

September 23, 2009

In the vein of David Pogue’s crowd-sourcing of technical innovation ideas, and as an homage to his Take Back The Beep campaign, here’s a humble proposal for streaming audio players

Use the audio output to tell me when you are buffering, when you are waiting pointlessly, and when you have given up on the stream.

Wunder-ful iPhone Multitasking!

September 10, 2009

In my post regarding the lack of iPhone multitasking, I pointed out that merely allowing for media back-grounding would alleviate a lot of the problems posed by the iPhone’s lack of multitasking. In that post I mentioned that you could-sorta-a-bit listen to streams while doing other things if you could get the Safari-encapsulated Quicktime player to play it via a web link. But it was hard, in an age of MLB At Bat 2009, Slacker, Stitcher and a plethora of other media apps, to make a case that this odd route to to multitasking was useful.

But hey, something Wunder-ful has happened!

An Analog Solution in a Digital Age

July 30, 2009

Here a Casa Design-By-Gravity we have a fair number of computers that are part of, or make use of, the network; seven off the top of my head, not counting the TiVo, the Wii, and the soon-to-be-acquired computer for Number Two Daughter. The computers are a hard-bitten crew, from nice late-model Dell and HP laptops to continually upgraded desktops whose cases date back fifteen years (my desktop tower is enormous; it barely fits under my desk).

About three years ago I got my wife an iPod for Christmas; she was skeptical, then hooked (a pattern repeated from the previous summer with her first GPS). Quickly, however, she wanted to get access to all of the CD’s we owned. What’s a geek to do? Build a computer for that, of course.