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Books Read in 2009 – Lousy to Acceptable

December 19, 2009

OK, these are relative one-offs that were either awful, or “just ok”. “Just ok” means they weren’t worth hardcover prices, but I can respect the effort.

Disasters are books for whom I want my time and money back 🙂

Books Read in 2009 – Multi-Book Series

December 19, 2009

This year I read a bunch of  books in series. Here I’m going to go through the ones where I read multiple books in a series. In no particular order.


July 27, 2009

Originally I had intended to post book titles as I read them. I am a voracious reader and thought it would be interesting. But instead of posting them here I’ll post them on Twitter with the #lastbookread hashtag. Join the fun.

(I have been keeping a list since the new year of what I have read this year, and will post at the end of the year with commentary. Thanks Evernote. It will be interesting to me if no one else.)

This was inspired by Sharon Lee, of Lee & Miller, and the excellent Liaden science fiction series. On her blog, she often lists the books she has read so far in a year. I commend the authors and the series to anyone.

Last Book Read – Brothers in Arms

July 22, 2009

Last book read was Bujold’s “Brothers in Arms”. A quick read off the back of my nightstand, when I needed something quick for bedtime. Second favorite Miles book.