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Apple’s Goes Evil, Heads Toward Diabolical

February 17, 2011

Sadly, the latest actions by Apple push them from the control-fanatics state to Lawful-Evil. No way to argue it.

Did Apple Pivot on Media Pricing with Glee?

February 8, 2010

Cast your eyes back in time, to the early days of the iTunes Music Store. Apple’s DRM concession, some say, was part of a bargain to get music labels on board to assure a large library of music for the iPod. Part of Apple’s strategy was to avoid variable pricing, keeping all songs the same price, $0.99. Given how hard Apple fought for single pricing, it is interesting that they eventually gave up, first as the “iTunes Music Plus” DRM-free tracks, then just bagging it completely and going to a 3-tier model.

Why the change? Why did Apple pivot on this issue when they are notoriously unbending when they really believe in what they want?

A Christmas Kindle

January 11, 2010

My lovely bride, perhaps out of fear that my book collection will push us out of our home, bought me a Kindle for Christmas.

In a fit of self-defense, I had added the Kindle to my Amazon Wish List sometime in November. I say self-defense because our local Barnes & Nobles was rather prominently pushing the Nook, and based on reviews I knew I’d rather have the Kindle.

Books Read in 2009 – Triumphs

December 22, 2009

Previously, I discussed multiple series books I read this year, the singletons that passable to awful, or were plain good. Here I’ll go through the books I loved this year, the ones that made me happy I read as much as I do.

These are books I really, really liked and recommend unreservedly. No particular order.

Amazon addendum; apologies matter!

July 24, 2009

So, Jeff Bezos apologies for the great “unselling”; read about it here.

Judging by the feedback, and general commentary around the blogosphere, people are buying it. And they should. Because Amazon will not make that mistake (or others in that vein) again.

Amazon is slow and steady. They make mistakes, they grind away at problems, but man! They. Get. Things. Done.

Why Amazon’s Orwellian book “unselling” is a good thing

July 22, 2009

There has been lots of hand-wringing about Amazon’s “unselling” of some of George Orwell’s books. (Read about it here).

My view is that Amazon did us a great favor, and I suspect Jeff Bezos planned for this possibility. I mean, it is well-known that Steve Jobs didn’t want DRM in the iTunes store, but it was the deal he had to make with the devil to get iTunes off the ground. In the same way, I am sure Amazon had to build DRM into the Kindle at the genetic level, just to get publishers to even consider it. (This deal with the devil is repeated at Hulu as well; content providers are resistant to you watching Hulu on a TV as opposed to a laptop. But I digress.)

So Amazon surrendered to DRM. Fine. They also built a really nice reader, and Whispernet works really well. They got a lot of people to use is, and made a free iPhone Kindle app available, which I kinda love.

Then, we hit a case that had no easy analogue in paper books; Amazon found themselves having sold the books in question without the rights. So the actually rights-holders’ contact Amazon and demand they pull the books, which Amazon does to keep all the other rights-holders happy. It has another really nice side-effect as well …