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Ten Months with a Luggable Server: The Dell M6500

April 3, 2011

According to Dell, my Precision M6500 shipped around May 15th of 2010, which seems right to me. It has been pretty satisfying, but not without bumps.

The Epic Fail of Music Syncing under Linux

January 18, 2011

Ouch. Ask a silly question, get a ridiculous answer.

I have, as has been noted before, a Motorola Droid X. Mostly, I use Grooveshark, Slacker, and Pandora for my music needs, but I do have 5000+ songs on a server at home. On my desktop (wherever I might be) I access those songs via Ampache, streaming as I need them.

To sync some songs with my Droid, I turned to the wonderful Media Monkey, under Windows. The Monkey is a truly awesome piece of software; the kids and I have used it forever to sync music into various MP3 players. Always works. Edits tags with ease. Displays none of iTunes despicable bloat. Doesn’t crash. Handles a network music collection with aplomb. My oldest daughter goes to sleep to a playlist in Media Monkey!

I’ve used MM for so long, on so many different little players, of course it was where I turned first for my Droid.

Trivial. Plug in with Mass Storage mode, configure the directories for Music and Playlists, boom, works.

I promptly forgot about it. I don’t sync that often. Local content is music of last resort for me.

Until this weekend, when I was recovering from my Number One Daughter’s ten-girl sleepover. Traumatic events prompt the strangest questions.

In this case I asked, “Surely I can sync my playlists and music from Linux, right?”

WunderRadio’s Audio Backgrounding; ooTunes jumps on the Bandwagon

September 12, 2009

Yesterday, a new update of ooTunes came out, which functions pretty much as WunderRadio does for media streams — it lets you jump to Safari and open a stream there. It doesn’t seem to be quite as stable as WunderRadio’s implemetation, but it is nice to see developers are starting to notice.

MLB AM? Pandora? Slacker? Hello?

Amazon vs. Barnes & Noble, with Irony

July 29, 2009

Sitting in my local Barnes & Noble (my favorite third place) I had a very odd experience. I was working away using B&N’s new free wifi, when I stumbled across some glowing reviews for the new anti-DaVinci-Code novel Tetraktys.

I was intrigued, and so (without looking at the release date or anything) I grabbed my iPhone. Up came the B&N iPhone app, search for Tetraktys. Nothing. Zip. Zilch.

Hmm. Whipped over to my Amazon app on the iPhone, search Tetraktys. Here it is, available for pre-order (the limited release copies had sold out I assume). Bang, I pre-order it (I luuuuve Amazon Prime).

As I sit there, drinking my Chai (6-pump, no water, 2%), I ponder how I did not use either Amazon’s or B&N’s actual websites; my first instinct was to grab my iPhone.

When I was sitting in front of my very nice laptop!

Bizarre. I guess I don’t own my iPhone; my iPhone owns me. Like in Soviet Russia!