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Where is Google for Kids?

June 10, 2010

Let’s face it, Google’s real business rival is Apple — Apple’s app store, Apple’s iAd (why do I have to pay for the ad bandwidth, by the way?), Apple’s controlled computing enviroment. It is interesting to look at one area that Apple has leveraged for decades and wonder why Google isn’t going there.

Where’s Google for Kids?

Seriously, it is a big missed opportunity for Google.

How to Study: 4th Grade Math is a Slalom Race

March 25, 2010

Did you watch the Olympics? In our house everyone including the dog watched, as late as they could stay up. Number One Daughter, in the fourth grade, fought gamely to make it until the end every night. Every sport was a hit; snow-boarding, ski jumping, speed skating, and yes, figure skating.

We watched all the skiing. As you might expect, Lindsey Vonn and Julia Mancuso were huge for my girls. While they enjoyed the wins, one of the more illuminating things they saw was Vonn’s problems in the slalom races, where she missed gates and fell out of the race three times.

How to Study: Taming The 1st Grade Reading Journal

March 19, 2010

Number Two Daughter is a young first grader, and as such she has been toiling away at the Reading Journal. For those of you whose schools don’t employ this (or if you haven’t spawned), the Reading Journal is not really all about the reading.

How To Study: 4th Grade and Social Studies

March 1, 2010

Number One Daughter is in the fourth grade, a trait she shares with lots of other ten year-olds in the world. After doing homework with her for four years I’ve come to some conclusions about how she learns, and useful methods for getting her to learn.