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Roads Not Taken #1

October 29, 2009

“But it’s worth at least thinking about the possibility of a dollar bust. The reason the housing bust had such devastating consequences was a failure of imagination: Lenders, regulators, credit raters, and others simply couldn’t believe that house prices would ever fall the way they did, so they were blindsided. ” — Business Week

This quote talks about the need to contemplate what the U.S. might do if the dollar went bust; the idea is that it is so far fetched no one thinks about, so if happened the damage would be doubly extreme because of the massive lack of preparation. The quote cites the housing bust as falling into this category, precisely because no one in the industry even entertained the notion.

This intrigues me, because I think we miss the value of Roads Not Taken everyday.

You’re our customer! We hate you!

September 28, 2009

It is axiomatic in modern American life: the longer you are a customer, the more some of our most common, everyday corporations come to disdain you.


The Garage Principle

September 14, 2009

Over time, most people have come to realize that: Everything interesting in technology eventually can be built in a garage.

I call this the Garage Principle.

Links: Apple; Linux; Cathedral and the Bazaar; Verizon MiFi;

The Cheat of Structural Profits

August 17, 2009

Companies and industries enjoying protected profits stifle innovation and take your money. Can you recognize these parasites all around you?