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An Appreciation of @MarcCarig

August 28, 2012

For several years, starting with the 2009 baseball season when my beloved Yankees won the World Series, one of the things that has been simply great has been following Marc Carig, sports reporter for  The Star-Ledger. On Twitter, he is @MarcCarig, beat writer extraordinaire. He needles @BloggingBombers endlessly, usually coming out on the short end. He did #rollcallnyy at the bottom of the first inning, every game. Played #KYYBW (that’s Know Your Yankees Beat Writer for the uninitiated) during rain delays (the things you learn, oh my!) (more…)

How Alberto Gonzalez Kept Mark McGwire from Being a Hero

January 13, 2010

I’m an unabashed Yankees fan. Someone who would rather watch a mid-season baseball game between two cellar-dwelling American League teams than a random NFL game.

I understand I am lonely in this. Hey, I’m a baseball fan. I can live with it.

I well remember the baseball strike of 1994. I also remember the crucial role Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa played in bringing disgruntled fans back to the game. And it was clear to me for years that everyone was guilty in the Steroid Era; Players, Owners, Fans, and most of all? The group whose job it was to report on it, the Writers. But that is my opinion, and we can debate that another time.

Lest we think is perfect…

August 7, 2009

My last post fairly gushed with love for, justifiably I think. But I don’t want anyone over at MLB Advanced Media thinking they should rest on their laurels. To wit, some nits, for the picking:

Why is MLB so far ahead of everyone else online?

August 6, 2009

Well, that is not really the question. It is more of an assertion: Major League Baseball‘s Advanced Media division is so far ahead of the other major sports it isn’t funny.

I have become, in my 30’s and now early 40’s, very much a baseball guy. Some of that I attribute to MLB’s constant work to make baseball available to me. Now, I’m a Yankee’s fan, and have been since I can remember. I was a Yankees fan for the Reggie Jackson years, the Billy Martin years, the almost-wonderful Mattingly years, then on to the dead zone of the the Danny Tartabull years, then the upswing in the Showalter years and the dynasty of the Jeter/Rivera/Torre years. My Dad was a Yankee’s fan, my wife grew up a Yankee’s fan (Connecticut native), and now my daughters are content to fall asleep watching the Yankees each night.

Watching the Yankees, that is, on our 50inch HDTV, in HD, over the internet, using a media PC.