An Appreciation of @MarcCarig

For several years, starting with the 2009 baseball season when my beloved Yankees won the World Series, one of the things that has been simply great has been following Marc Carig, sports reporter for  The Star-Ledger. On Twitter, he is @MarcCarig, beat writer extraordinaire. He needles @BloggingBombers endlessly, usually coming out on the short end. He did #rollcallnyy at the bottom of the first inning, every game. Played #KYYBW (that’s Know Your Yankees Beat Writer for the uninitiated) during rain delays (the things you learn, oh my!)

He’s been a purveyor of truly awful shorts during Spring Training. (Be glad I didn’t dig up pictures.) And his habit of changing his Twitter avatar to something topical for the location of each road game was both endearing and annoying.

He introduced me to The Sergio Mitre Experience. Oy.

But most of all, Marc is a simply awesome baseball beat writer. His columns are wonderful, the in-game analysis is both wry and insightful, and his sense of the absurd never flags no matter how late the game goes.

But now (this week even!) he is leaving the Star-Ledger to write for Newsday where he will follow the Mets. This is great for Mets fans everywhere, but sad for me, and for tons of Yankees fans. Make no mistake, I wish him nothing but continued success; I’ve no doubt he’ll continue to have it.

I’ll always have the memories of how much more enjoyable his Twitter feed made Yankees games for me, and for many others. And now, despite my lack of interest, I’ll have some Mets news in my timeline. Such is life.

I’ll end with this, which is an example of the heights of awesomeness his Twitter feed could reach. On April 20th of this year, the Yankees played the Red Sox at Fenway Park. It was Fenway Park’s 100th anniversary, and both teams wore throwback uniforms. This was his Twitter feed for the game, done in 1912-style (the Yankees were in their last year of being the Highlanders):

  • As you know folks, Ivan Nova, a Dominican dandy, toes the slab for your Highlanders today.
  • Clay Buchholz, a cyclone of arms and legs, the Lumberin’ Lad from Lumberton, Texas, digs in now to face the Kalamazoo Kid.
  • And Pedroia just lost that ball in the sun. And he had these newfangled sun glasses on!
  • And now a wild pitch for the local nine.
  • Highlanders slugger Alex Rodriguez lashes a run-scoring single to center. Jeter dashes home. 1-0.
  • Ivan Nova, all arms and legs on the slab, whipping pellets across the dish to Russell Martin. Aviles, Sweeney and Pedroia due up.
  • A pretty bit of base balling by Cano.
  • The slabber Ivan Nova sends a telegraph to Uncle Charlie. Two down for the local nine.
  • Pedroia makes up for his first-inning boner. Lashes a one-base hit to center.
  • Highlanders hurler Ivan Nova holds steady. He denies the local nine a tally in the first frame.
  • A look at the score board in left field reveals a shocking reality: the Browns alone in first place, a game clear of the Highlanders.
  • A round-tripper for Swisher. Highlanders with another tally, 2-0.
  • A four-bagger for third sacker Eric Chavez. Highlanders with yet another tally, 3-0.
  • Even the newfangled Rabbit ball couldn’t help Martin, who surely owns one of he lowest batting marks in the circuit.
  • Highlanders captain Derek Jeter: 3,111 hits, good for 18th place on the all-time list, passing Dave Winfield.
  • Two down but the Highlanders have a base-runner for Curtis “Home Run” Granderson.
  • RT @jonahkeri: @MarcCarig Wait, are you doing this all game? Sending a horse and buggy stocked with ale your way, post-haste.
  • Highlanders hammering the horsehide today. Pitching coach McClure out to settle his slabber. Manager Valentine looks on.
  • Slay Buccholz shows why he’s been a mainstay of this twirling staff. Holds the Highlanders to 3-0. Could have been worse.
  • In Senior Circuit action, the Red Legs are beating the Cubs 6-3.
  • My stars, a four-bagger for Ortiz! Rooters of the Local Nine roar to life. 3-1 Highlanders.
  • RT @boblorenz: Already 3 HRs in less than 2 innings? There are a lotta strong palookas in the pasture today.
  • RT @jottino: Shot of the umpires checking the replay:
  • Youkilis standing on second after he hit the dickens out of the Nova offering.
  • Manager Valentine must be pleased with that good, fundamental base ball. Ground ball right side. Local Nine close to another tally.
  • Ivan Nova, the Highlanders moundsman, recovers after a dinger and a two-bagger. Two grounders and a strikeout proves to be the right elixir.
  • Robinson Cano ran like a man late for his trolley. Highlanders have a runner aboard.
  • Nick Swisher, as you know, is one of these college boys. He was once a scholar at Ohio State before becoming a professional base ball player
  • RT @trev0r_m: @MarcCarig was it considered witchcraft to switch hit in 1912?
  • Base on balls for the college boy, Swisher. The Hilltoppers have a threat going.
  • Ibanez, looking to make a hit, instead hits a bounding ball. Twin killing. The local nine is saved.
  • Clearly, Sweeney didn’t think Nova’s fastball was worth beans. He stings a two-bagger to left.
  • Manager Valentine clearly playing the modern base ball. Pedroia up there swinging away.
  • Shadows encroaching here at the Boston Base Ball Grounds.
  • My stars, Ivan Nova stuns the rooters here once more. Gonzalez down on strikes to end the third.
  • A Homer in the Gloamin for Eric “Home Run” Chavez. His second four-bagger of the contest. New York Americans lead it 4-1.
  • Chavez ties a career high with two dingers. He had accomplished the feat in his days with Mack’s White Elephants.
  • All of a sudden, Nova’s twirling a gem. A strike out to end the fourth.
  • Alex Rodriguez with a mighty wallop. Now he gallops around the grounds. 5-1 Highlanders. He passes Griffey on the all-time HR list.
  • The college boy Nick Swisher with no answers for the glare of the sun. Aviles makes a two-bagger. Local nine trail it 5-2.
  • Ivan Nova, given the mound assignment for the Highlanders, working with the ease of an afternoon zephyr. He limits the damage once more.
  • RT @EthanCorey: @MarcCarig – why haven’t the hurlers batted?
  • In speaking with Manager Girardi earlier, it’s clear that the square-jawed tactician wants distance from his starters to save the bull pen.
  • Gadzooks! Russell Martin out of the slump. Highlanders with another four-bagger. 6-2.
  • RT @JackCurryYES: The Red Sox hurler has toed the slab against 27 batters. Five have clubbed the horsehide out of the old ballyard.
  • There may not be a ground in all of the circuit that would have contained that bomb by Martin.
  • They may be dressed like Highlanders. But these Yankees are swinging like Bombers. 6-2 the lead as Nova toes it for the sixth.
  • Ortiz finds a way through the shift.
  • Nova still twirling but above 90 pitches.
  • Twin killing — just the tonic Nova needed to keep the local nine off the board. Highlanders up 6-2.
  • Manager Valentine emerges from his dugout to a few boos. He calls for a new hurler out of the bull pen, Scott Atchison.
  • Alex Rodriguez passes Ken Griffey Jr. for fifth on baseball’s all-time home run list: Yankees third baseman belt…
  • Next time a defense shifts on Teixeira, may we suggest the Baltimore Chop…
  • Cory Wade in relief for the Highlanders. Nova’s finished twirling on this day.
  • RT @terps49: @MarcCarig what’s pitching in relief? Foreign concept chap.
  • A swift seventh inning for the Red Sox.
  • The southpaw Thomas summoned by Manager Valentine here in the penultimate frame. Highlanders smothering the local nine, 6-2.
  • Jeter with a tapper to begin the ninth. Highlanders honing in on their first victory since 9/24/1912.
  • *road victory
  • Highlanders lead the Red Sox 6-2 in the ninth. Manager Girardi summons the sidewinding slinger, Cody Eppley.
  • That does look like Mo out in the bull pen. Manager Girardi with some interesting tactics.
  • And that’s it for the sidewinding Cody Eppley. Here comes number, wait, he has no number, Mariano Rivera.
  • Sometimes, it’s hard to understand how Manager Girardi shuffles his slabbers. My word. Here comes Mariano Rivera for the Highlanders.
  • “We want Tito!” chants at the lyrical little band box. My stars! Manager Valentine must be in a tizzy.
  • Tally one for ye olde Highlanders.

Thanks Marc, for all the tweets, all the writing, all the memories.

P.S. Shout out to Twitter Yankees buddies @kschmidt2, @Julie_Stone, and @jottino.

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