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Is an Email Address a Social Contract?

October 6, 2010

Seriously. If you know my email address, am I bound by some social custom to answer every email you send me? Within some particular time frame? Am I required to even read every email you send me?

A scenario:

  1. I have an email address.
  2. You send me an email
  3. I have, you know, a life. I don’t read your email for a couple days.
  4. You get annoyed at me for not answering, so you send another email: “Did you get my email?”
  5. I, still possessing a life, family and a job, still don’t read your email.
  6. You get downright pissed, and send me a screed as to my personal failings.
  7. Email checking finally bubbles to the top of my todo-list, and I read your first email. Possibly even respond to it.
  8. By the time I read your last email, I am baffled as to how my personal scheduling became offensive to you.

Been there? Me too.