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The A-Team: It Didn’t Suck

June 12, 2010

Surprisingly. It’s not Art by any means, but it was a lot of fun, from preposterous action scenes to moronic bad guys, it was a decent homage to a childhood fave.

In a twist, the guys from the A-Team killed folks by the barrel-full. And they didn’t really help anyone but themselves.

Still, lots of fun. Pretty much the definition of a popcorn summer movie.

Where is Google for Kids?

June 10, 2010

Let’s face it, Google’s real business rival is Apple — Apple’s app store, Apple’s iAd (why do I have to pay for the ad bandwidth, by the way?), Apple’s controlled computing enviroment. It is interesting to look at one area that Apple has leveraged for decades and wonder why Google isn’t going there.

Where’s Google for Kids?

Seriously, it is a big missed opportunity for Google.

AT&T Learns Exactly The Wrong Thing About Data Usage

June 8, 2010

AT&T says that 65% of its users use less 200 megabytes per month; a whopping 98% use less than 2 gigabytes. (NYT) AT&T looked at these numbers and concluded it was time for tiered pricing; time to soak these “data pigs”.

I am a data pig. I average between 1.5 and 2 gigabytes a month over the last 6 months. AT&T hates me, apparently, though they are happy to take my money.