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Books Read in 2009 – Triumphs

December 22, 2009

Previously, I discussed multiple series books I read this year, the singletons that passable to awful, or were plain good. Here I’ll go through the books I loved this year, the ones that made me happy I read as much as I do.

These are books I really, really liked and recommend unreservedly. No particular order.

Books Read in 2009 – Good but not Great

December 21, 2009

These are books I considered well worth the price. Books I liked. Most have a flaw of some sort, but it doesn’t prevent them from succeeding.

Books Read in 2009 – Lousy to Acceptable

December 19, 2009

OK, these are relative one-offs that were either awful, or “just ok”. “Just ok” means they weren’t worth hardcover prices, but I can respect the effort.

Disasters are books for whom I want my time and money back 🙂

Books Read in 2009 – Multi-Book Series

December 19, 2009

This year I read a bunch of  books in series. Here I’m going to go through the ones where I read multiple books in a series. In no particular order.

Can’t the iPhone suck even a little bit?

December 16, 2009

Roughly Drafted proclaims:

The New York Times has again violated its own no-shill policy by paying Randall Stross to amplify Roger Entner and a variety of other mobile company clients who are all struggling to portray the iPhone as the reason why AT&T’s network is terrible in New York and San Francisco…

Roughly Drafted

Because there can never be a problem with the beloved Jesus-phone, right?

I Never Want To Buy Hollywood Again. Period.

December 9, 2009

“The economics of the motion picture industry are based on exclusive release windows which allow price differentiation; that is, some earlier transactions take place at higher price points,” Freeman said.

The above is a quote from the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation, which is a Cali business trade group.

The above is also stupid. You can’t legislate an unvalued business model forever.

How Linux (almost) Drove Me To Windows XP

December 1, 2009

Yep. Sunday afternoon, I was this close to nuking the linux partition on my laptop. Monday, a lack of blank CDROM disks saved me.