WunderRadio’s Audio Backgrounding; ooTunes jumps on the Bandwagon

Yesterday, a new update of ooTunes came out, which functions pretty much as WunderRadio does for media streams — it lets you jump to Safari and open a stream there. It doesn’t seem to be quite as stable as WunderRadio’s implemetation, but it is nice to see developers are starting to notice.

MLB AM? Pandora? Slacker? Hello?

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2 Comments on “WunderRadio’s Audio Backgrounding; ooTunes jumps on the Bandwagon”

  1. Steve Says:

    Just wanted to point out that actually ooTunes has had background playback since it first came out (though requiring the ooTunes server). In fact it was only possible to play streams like ooTunes and Wunder do in the background with Os 3.0 for mp3 and aac+ streams but with the ooTunes server basically ANY stream format will be playable in the background and that includes your own itunes library (streamed from home), XM and Sirius (if you have a subscription of course).

    Also, as I am the ooTunes developer, and you mention that ooTunes is less stable, I’m interested in knowing what makes you say that as I’d of course like to fix it asap.

  2. designbygravity Says:

    Interesting — I must have missed this, although I thought I noticed it in the update notes when I updated last time. How much would you love if you could hand that of to an IPod API, and present info via CoverFlip and such, rather than clumsily go through Safari?

    I also thing WunderRadio has you beat in terms of how pretty their generated Safari page is, and that theirs auto-starts QuickTime.

    In terms of stability, I have experienced some crashes, and the QuickTime player seems to quit playing a lot more easily via ooTunes than WunderRadio. Now, it doesn’t help that the QuickTime player seems blissfully unaware that it is a cell radio connection and likes to bail all too easily. Still, the connection via WunderRadio seems able to stay for my whole ride home (for example) and the ooTunes connection doesn’t.

    I haven’t used ooTunes as much as WunderRadio — I’ll give it a good workout next week.

    Thanks for the reply!

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