Multiple iPhone Headset Deaths. Sigh.

In the space of two days, my three month old Ultimate Buds and my brand new Airdrives died, both in the same way.

Both lost button control and no longer saw the mic. Sigh.

Trying some Altec BackBeat Plus Mobiles; the cord seems sturdy.

The bag of dead headphone sets is getting heavy.

Still, I can remember when my audio players were tossed while they still functioned because their earphone jacks disintegrated. So I shouldn’t complain.

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2 Comments on “Multiple iPhone Headset Deaths. Sigh.”

  1. sedwards Says:

    The Airdrives? Oh, no…I’ve only used mine a couple times. Hope they last longer than that. I need the exact opposite of sound isolating buds. I need to be able to hear the environment while walking my dogs. Are you getting a refund or replacement?

    You might want to go back to standard Apple-issued buds and use a pair of these:

  2. designbygravity Says:

    Hey, I took apart the switch body and managed to fix the AirDrives. I love them; but man I wish the mic was up on the right side cord. Most times I have to hold the mic up so people can hear me — defeats the hands-free part.

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