Amazon vs. Barnes & Noble, with Irony

Sitting in my local Barnes & Noble (my favorite third place) I had a very odd experience. I was working away using B&N’s new free wifi, when I stumbled across some glowing reviews for the new anti-DaVinci-Code novel Tetraktys.

I was intrigued, and so (without looking at the release date or anything) I grabbed my iPhone. Up came the B&N iPhone app, search for Tetraktys. Nothing. Zip. Zilch.

Hmm. Whipped over to my Amazon app on the iPhone, search Tetraktys. Here it is, available for pre-order (the limited release copies had sold out I assume). Bang, I pre-order it (I luuuuve Amazon Prime).

As I sit there, drinking my Chai (6-pump, no water, 2%), I ponder how I did not use either Amazon’s or B&N’s actual websites; my first instinct was to grab my iPhone.

When I was sitting in front of my very nice laptop!

Bizarre. I guess I don’t own my iPhone; my iPhone owns me. Like in Soviet Russia!

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