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Books Read in 2009 – Triumphs

December 22, 2009

Previously, I discussed multiple series books I read this year, the singletons that passable to awful, or were plain good. Here I’ll go through the books I loved this year, the ones that made me happy I read as much as I do.

These are books I really, really liked and recommend unreservedly. No particular order.

Books Read in 2009 – Good but not Great

December 21, 2009

These are books I considered well worth the price. Books I liked. Most have a flaw of some sort, but it doesn’t prevent them from succeeding.

Books Read in 2009 – Lousy to Acceptable

December 19, 2009

OK, these are relative one-offs that were either awful, or “just ok”. “Just ok” means they weren’t worth hardcover prices, but I can respect the effort.

Disasters are books for whom I want my time and money back :-)

Books Read in 2009 – Multi-Book Series

December 19, 2009

This year I read a bunch of  books in series. Here I’m going to go through the ones where I read multiple books in a series. In no particular order.

Stop Whining About Hulu

November 25, 2009

This is representative of recent posts regarding Hulu’s future; folks seem quite put out that Hulu will probably start charging for some or all of it’s content in the near future.

Get over yourselves. Really.

iPhone Apps – What’s On Your First Page?

November 1, 2009

I am a big … iPhone captive. I’ve previously listed the problems I have with the iPhone, Apple’s App Store, AT&T, etc. But at the moment I wouldn’t trade it. (Next year may be a different story as the Android market matures. I do miss Verizon’s data network.)

But there a bunch of Apps I really like. I was going to try and list them all, but I have a life. Instead I thought I would list the apps the make it onto my first page.

Don’t be a Coder, Engineer, or Developer: be a Software Artisan!

October 3, 2009

Update: Check out my followup post on whether or not software is handmade.

What is your job description? What do call yourself, or tell people you do?

There’s nothing . . . absolutely nothing . . . half so much worth doing as simply messing around with computers.

My apologies to Kenneth Grahame.

Wunder-ful iPhone Multitasking!

September 10, 2009

In my post regarding the lack of iPhone multitasking, I pointed out that merely allowing for media back-grounding would alleviate a lot of the problems posed by the iPhone’s lack of multitasking. In that post I mentioned that you could-sorta-a-bit listen to streams while doing other things if you could get the Safari-encapsulated Quicktime player to play it via a web link. But it was hard, in an age of MLB At Bat 2009, Slacker, Stitcher and a plethora of other media apps, to make a case that this odd route to to multitasking was useful.

But hey, something Wunder-ful has happened!

Why is MLB so far ahead of everyone else online?

August 6, 2009

Well, that is not really the question. It is more of an assertion: Major League Baseball‘s Advanced Media division is so far ahead of the other major sports it isn’t funny.

I have become, in my 30′s and now early 40′s, very much a baseball guy. Some of that I attribute to MLB’s constant work to make baseball available to me. Now, I’m a Yankee’s fan, and have been since I can remember. I was a Yankees fan for the Reggie Jackson years, the Billy Martin years, the almost-wonderful Mattingly years, then on to the dead zone of the the Danny Tartabull years, then the upswing in the Showalter years and the dynasty of the Jeter/Rivera/Torre years. My Dad was a Yankee’s fan, my wife grew up a Yankee’s fan (Connecticut native), and now my daughters are content to fall asleep watching the Yankees each night.

Watching the Yankees, that is, on our 50inch HDTV, in HD, over the internet, using a media PC.


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